Television Studio Hire

There are many scenarios that may require you to seek television studio hire. If you are filming a corporate training video, infomercial or television commercial, TV advert or other film then a studio may be needed. There are many places that provide studio hire space and services and finding the best spot for your filming will depend on what you need with regards to both your budget and the services offered. There are many different options regarding size, equipment and other amenities. You will need to choose a studio that offers the specific services and equipment that meet your needs while still falling within your allotted budget for your filming.

What You Should Expect

When it comes to television studio hire, each studio can be very different with regards to size, layout and services offered. You may find one studio that is more than large enough to suit your needs but simply does not offer the green screen or other equipment that you need. In order to find the right studio you should take the time to jot down your specific needs. When you begin searching for studios be sure to refer to your list of needs to ensure that you cover them all. Many television studio hire packages include everything that you need to create your film. This may include Wi-Fi access for keeping in touch with clients, wardrobe, makeup rooms, showers, green rooms with snacks and a kitchen. Other amenities can include a director, production office and an operations manager. Again, it is very important that you know what you need before you begin looking at various studios.

Other Services that May be Included

There are many different services that are offered by various television studios. Things such as filming crew, directors, production assistants and backgrounds as well as cameras and other equipment may be offered as part of the hire package or may require an additional fee. Most studios provide basic television recording and filming equipment such as a green screen, cameras, props and backgrounds as well as other essentials. Additional services such as repainting and various crew members may require an additional fee. Be sure to check on this when you hire the studio so that you are not hit with any surprise charges later.

Television Studio Hire Costs

On average, television studio hire can cost between L375 and upwards of L1,000 or more per day. Larger studios are typically a bit more expensive and those that offer additional services may cost more as well. You can do a bit of research online to learn more about the costs associated with hiring a television studio and find many studio sites that will tell you their rates as well as rates for additional services. Some offer weekly rates that are lower per day than hiring the studio for a day at a time. If you feel that you will need several days then a weekly rate can be much less expensive overall. Take your time and look at various studios to ensure that you get the space and equipment that you need as well as a cost that you can afford.