Studio Hire Liverpool

Liverpool offers a variety of options regarding studio hire. If you are searching for studio hire Liverpool you will first need to determine the type of studio that you need. You will find many facilities available for photography, art, dance, television production and a number of other needs. Determining what you need before you begin looking is the best way to find the specific facility that suits your requirements.

Facilities Available

Again, studio hire Liverpool offers many different facility choices. Whether you are a photographer looking for space for an upcoming shoot, a corporate officer needing a television studio for a training film or a musician needing to add tracks to an album, there are many studios for hire in and around the Liverpool area and at a variety of different cost options. Many offer the specific equipment needed to produce very creative pieces while others have equipment available for an additional cost. When choosing the specific facility that best suits your needs you should make note of just what services or amenities and features you require in your studio. This will help to ensure that you get the precise studio that you need for your upcoming project. Many offer basic amenities such as kitchens, showers and even catering in some cases. Check with the specific studio to determine what specifically is included in your cost.

Costs for Liverpool Studios

The prices for studio hire Liverpool are about the same as they are in other areas of the UK. You can expect to pay around L20 to L30 per hour for a photography studio and significantly more for television and film studios. Dance studios can typically be hired for around L100 or more per day depending on the studio itself and the location. Those located in the heart of the city are apt to be a bit more expensive than facilities that have less convenient locations. Of course, you can lower the cost by booking the studio for a shorter period of time. Being prepared before you begin is important in keeping your costs down. Be certain that you have everything ready before you head to the studio. This will help you to keep from paying overtime which can run as much as L100 per hour in some cases.


Studio hire Liverpool is available at a variety of different locations. Again, those located in the most convenient places are going to fetch more per hour or per day. The ideal locations are those that are nearby various other amenities such as restaurants, pubs and shops. If you need to be near these facilities then be sure to book a studio in a prime location. If however, you have no need to be in the heart of convenience then you can book a studio in a less convenient location and save a bit on your overall cost. Finding studio hire Liverpool is not going to be a difficult task but it is one that takes a bit of consideration on your part if you want to find the perfect facility at the best cost.