Radio Studio Hire

Most radio studio hire facilities are able to accommodate various different needs. Whether you need a studio for a DJ presenter show, to add guest contributors to your programme or need a voice recording studio, you should be able to easily find the perfect studio for your needs. Many are located ideally close to area restaurants, pubs and other facilities making them an even more perfect choice. Most studio facilities offer additional amenities such as green rooms for guest accommodation and can supply producers as well.


Different studios will offer varying equipment but most have standards such as broadcast desks with split transmission, digital voice processors, telephones for phone in shows, CD players, bit bottom processors, varying program play out systems such as OTS DJ, Stinger and others, streaming facilities, multiple hard drives and other equipment that you will need to produce a successful radio show or voice recording.

Cost for Radio Studio Hire

The cost for your radio studio hire will vary depending on the location of the facility, the type of equipment provided and the specific technology used and a variety of other factors. Most average around L100 per hour plus VAT fees. This is the average cost for dry studio hire as well as that which includes technical ops. ISDN connections may also run around L100 per hour in the UK. International ISDN connections may require an additional BT call rate plus an additional percentage, typically around 20 to 25 percent.


You may require various equipment and services for your radio show production. It is important that you check out a few radio studio hire packages to ensure that you get exactly what you need to produce a successful show or voice recording. Keep in mind that many radio studios for hire require that you book at least one full hour of time. Additional time is normally done in half hour increments.

Finding the Right Studio

Again, your specific needs will help you to determine which radio studio hire package is best for you. Take the time to phone up various studios and inquire about their facilities and equipment or you can go online and look at a variety of studio websites. The websites give you information such as hourly rates, minimum booking requirements and various equipment and other amenities that are included in the cost. You can also learn the location of the studio so you will know just where you will be located while producing your show. If you take the time to compare a few studios you can easily find the right one for your needs regarding cost, location and amenities. Many websites give you photos that allow you to see what the studio looks like and what equipment is offered. Choose the studio that best suits all of your needs and find out what additional services and amenities are offered. You should be able to find a fairly priced studio for hire that meets all of your additional requirements as well.