Green Screen Studio Hire

A green screen or Chroma key is a technique that was designed to piece two different images or video footage pieces together. The subject is filmed by standing against the green screen or green background and then an additional image is inserted during post-production. The green screen is used in many weather forecasts, films and photo shoots to add a background of choice. Green screen studio hire will allow you to add your subjects to your chosen background to produce the picture or film that you want. Green screens have been used widely in Hollywood and the process is very simple. With a green screen you can literally superimpose anything that you want into your shots. Photographers can use them to add a unique background to their photos. Even when the weather is not permitting, you can shoot photos and films using beautiful landscapes and other scenery that makes it look like you are actually shooting outdoors.

What Green Screen Studios Offer

The actual capabilities and amenities that you get with your green screen studio hire will of course vary by studio. Typically, you can expect a variety of services and benefits from different places. Many offer things such as the green room itself in addition to a kitchen, make up room, wardrobe for certain filming or photo shoots, shower rooms, production office and additional seating for extras or other crew members. Depending on the green screen studio that you hire you could also get additional benefits such as free parking and post-production assistance.

Green Screen Studio Hire Cost

The actual cost for hiring a green screen studio is going to vary as much as the amenities and capabilities of each. The average daily cost during the week is around L350 or more depending again on the studio itself. You may notice that weekend rates are a bit higher which is typical for any type of studio hire. Overtime rates may also apply depending on the green screen studio that you hire. If you are concerned about overtime rates then by sure to check with the specific studio prior to hiring. Some may also offer half-day rates that are a bit less expensive. This is a good option if you know for certain that you will only need the studio for a couple of hours. Again, if overtime rates apply and you are not sure of your specific time requirements then it may be best to hire the studio for the entire day to keep things less expensive.

How to Find the Perfect Studio

There are a couple of ways that you can find green screen studio hire. You can begin online and search various websites that offer the service in your area. Alternatively, you could phone up the individual studios and inquire about rates, times and other information but this may take you a bit of time. You can check websites much more quickly and compare the rates and benefits for each green screen studio in your area. Then simply choose the one that offers everything that you need.